Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Super Sweet 23

There were no invitations, no guest list and no celebrity appearances. I didn't even get a brand new sports car. Today was my birthday. This is a blog about creative concepts in advertising, and like in advertising, you sometimes have to bend the rules (staying within moral and ethical guidelines). The following is all fact, but it's written to be something like what you would see on MTV's My Super Sweet 16. (I really enjoyed and am thankful for everything that happened today.)

My Super Sweet 23
My birthday started when my grandma picked me up in her sleek, silver Buick sedan. OMG, she even let me drive. We went to a Mexican restaurant and like for dessert, they gave me a fried ice cream with honey. There was loads of it! The waitress even gave me two cherries -- probably because she had the hots for me. She did have a cute smile. Anyway, like where was I? Oh yeah, after we had lunch, my grandma took me to the movies. Ten minutes before the movie started, we had to wait in the lobby for them to see if the theatre was clean. Like WTF? So we get in and there's this Screenvision advertising thing going on. The announcer guy like announces Oasis is coming up next. "Champagne Supernova" is going on through the speakers. I love that song! I was singing along with it, but the song is cut off not even half way. Did this really just happen on my birthday? So then another song comes on and it's Jamiroquai -- the one where he's on the treadmill thing in his music video. They cut that one off, too. Right before the movie starts -- I mean before the actual paid commercials -- the announcer says, "Thanks for watching Screenvision." Like I had a choice? Seriously. The movie was okay. My grandma let me drive her car again and I went home. Later on that day, after being so bored doing nothing on my birthday, my mom took me out to eat dinner. We went to the local neighborhood Applebee's. My mom told the hostess that it was my birthday. She knows how special it is. When we sat down, she told our waitress, too. The service was quick and whatever, but the waitress never brought out my dessert and NO ONE sang. The waitress just said like, "Is there anything else I can do for you" and then left. Right as we were leaving, my mom asked if they did anything for birthdays and some other hostess said that they give free sundaes. Where's my free sundae!? How can all of this be happening on MY day? Well, to make it up to me, my mom made me a cake and I had ice cream. Above is a picture of the cake. Because it's my day, she let me help design it and place the candles. I think I did a pretty awesome job.

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you know who (not that you know who!) said...

I'm sorry Joel, but this was hilarious.

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