Thursday, June 14, 2007

Giant Pole Dancing Ad Seen from the Sky

A 100,000 square foot advertisement is causing turbulence because of its silhouette of a pole dancer. It can be seen by passengers from inside the fuselage of planes arriving to and departing from London's Gatwick Airport. The ad has been painted on a field underneath the airport's flightpath with water-based, biodegradable paint.

The local district council has called for the removal of the titillating ad because it was painted without permission. Planners have begun an investigation. Stephen Pearson, director of the company behind the ad, believes the council is unsure about their own regulations. Pearson also hopes the council finds humor in all this. " follows on from the huge success the Lynx advert had last summer which caused a lot of controversy due to the graphic nature of the advert but was the most talked about advert in the month of July." Whenever it does get removed, by the council or the contract, the dyed grass or crop can be cut away easily.

This type of advertising would be particularly smart in busy areas where planes have to circle the airport time and time again for a cleared landing.

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