Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Captivity' Captured

Browsing through Facebook, I checked out my friend's photos of her recent trip to L.A. Something that caught my eye was a billboard for the upcoming torture film, "Captivity". Is this the new and approved billboard?

The image has been cropped, so there are no other distractions.

Here's a better picture with a slightly different format, taken from Rotten Tomatoes.

In mid-March, the (banned) billboard was released, but the wrong file was sent to the printer; they released the version that was only supposed to be seen by the film exec's. Oops. It depicted the abduction, confinement, torture, and termination of Elisa Cuthbert's character. The public was outraged, and the producers paid for the removal of the ads that appeared on 30 billboards in L.A. and 1,400 taxi tops in NY.

Using only 'Confinement' from the previous billboard makes it a little more tame. But it's still going to be rated R for "Strong Violence, Torture, Pervasive Terror, Grizzly Images, Language and Some Sexual Material". Oh, is that all? The people at Creative Skirts and Ad Age have their very firm opinion of the film's content. And I agree. This movie will probably gross a lot more people out than it will gross in the box office.

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