Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"All the pretty ladies goin' crazy in my A380..."

Forget Cadillac, Ferrari and Maybach, as they soon will be a thing of the past in lyrics and music videos for billionaire rappers, hip hop stars and other artists. Realizing the emissions spent with these vehicles has been depleting our ozone and causing glaciers to melt, they'll decide to go green.

The first order of the world's largest private jet has come in. The Airbus A380 will normally hold approximately 700-800 passengers when it takes flight with airlines across the globe late this year. The price: $300 million. Though this first buyer seems likely to be from the Middle East, we may be seeing Diddy with one in the years to come.

John Travolta would have to move if he wanted one -- it wouldn't fit in his backyard.

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