Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Where's Your Bone?

Somebody took it on the road.

In celebration for the DVD and Blu-ray disc release of Night At the Museum , The Borden Agency created a promotion for Twentieth Century Fox and Fox Home Entertainment. The mobile marketing and event promo has been announced as the "T-Rex Trek". REXY, a 13-foot tall and 20-foot long T-rex, will be set on a flatbed trailer to run after a yellow Hummer H2 (relative to the little monster), which will be carrying his prized possession - a large bone.

Borden has the right idea by using free publicity. Larry Borden, CEO of The Borden Agency says, "...local media outlets will broadcast live in each market. We've left no stone unturned, and we will even have local traffic helicopters involved." To see the full press release, click (eMediaWire).

Kansas City's seismographs should detect the dino on April 20th, with the epicenter located in the vicinity of Science City at Union Station. Other cities should expect a visit from the voracious reptile from April 17-24. You'll be able to track REXY's cross-country chase via Yahoo! Maps and watch footage from his trip via Yahoo! Movies.

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