Sunday, November 11, 2007

Volvo Interacts with Movie Premiere

Last year, SS+K and Brand Experience Lab came up with Newsbreaker for, a game using human joysticks and a motion sensor camera. Volvo is working in the UK with Brand Experience Lab and Carlton Screen Advertising by using this awesome idea as an interactive advertisement for the XC70 crossover. The audience is directed to move their hands left or right to gather as much luggage as possible within the time limit. I believe the brand recall will be high because the game looks like so much fun to play. I would probably go see the movie again just to interact with the technology, as well as with friends and strangers. At the end of the game, the theater's score is shown against other venues who are putting their hands up in the air like they just don't care. This is a great concept that works well with Volvo's tagline: 'Life is Better Lived Together'.

2006 | Newsbreaker

2007 | Volvo XC70


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words! We at Brand Experience Lab actually did both games and we're hoping to see more AudienceGames in the coming year!

Davd Polinchock
Chief Experience Officer
Brand Experience Lab

Joel said...

Hi David,

Thank you and your company for making such a sweet interactive possibility for advertising and theater audiences. Maybe now I won't be forced to watch and listen the same music videos that play over and again in the cinema. Instead, I'll have a great time interacting with everyone, including the brand.

Will there be different stages and tracks for the Volvo game? Going to a movie and playing the same track could be tedious. Could you give us a little hint as to what is on the horizon? I can't wait to play!

Joel Jackson

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