Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Liquid and Clear

Today I received an e-mail from Getty, and it said "A better way to pitch - surfers". This caught my attention because I used to be really interested in watching extreme sports on Bluetorch. (Sadly, it looks like Fox Sports has cancelled the show.)

I clicked on the link, which then led me to a Web page with a flash video. A man with two Barbie dolls, two remote controls and a bottle of water attempts to explain his idea to me. Not to mention that he's speaking in Italian (I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong), and I have no idea what he's communicating. Are the women getting their hair washed so they look good when they fly to outer space?

The video fades to black and reads "alternatively...".

The payoff is when the video fades to a pair of very beautiful women who are holding onto their surfboards as they prepare to surface. At the same time, the sound the man was trying to convey is still present and provides a very tranquil feel.

This is so true. If you have a message that conveys understanding to every language, you know you're onto something.

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