Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Come and Get Your... Buffalo Chicken Sandwich?

Last week I saw a commercial for the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at Carl's Jr. I was walking past my neighbors room (I live in a dorm), looked at their TV and had to do a double take. I thought to myself, "Isn't that the guy from the Alltel commercials?"

There are some people on YouTube who have posted this same question. It sure looks a lot like Chad Brokaw to me. If it is him, and Alltel's "My Circle" campaign is going on, is this bad for Alltel? The telecommunications business and foodservice business are two completely different industries. But I feel that Alltel should have required Chad to sign a contract to only be featured in Alltel promotions. When I picture the Alltel Customer Service Rep., I see him in a light blue shirt helping customers, not gawking at women in a bar. Maybe I need to lighten up, but I don't see how this is healthy for the Alltel brand.

What do you think?

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