Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Necessary and Unnecessary

What's Needed

This American Apparel banner ad is missing something. Actually, it's missing two things. Wasted is missing an 'i', and high-waisted should be hyphenated. Taking in mind the British spell things a little different, I checked. It's the same spelling. Wasted does kind of go their trashy less is more image.

What's Not Needed

This is subject to a matter of opinion, but I believe this online ad for the Nissan Rogue has a little too much to say in the fine print. After a short video of the Rogue performing in a digital New York City neighborhood, the vehicle stops and fine print at the bottom comes up. It reads, "Computer generated images. Do not attempt. Always obey traffic laws. Always drive safely. Always were your seatbelt and please don't drink and drive."

Is this Nissan's idea of convincing the consumer they care about them? Can you obey traffic laws and not drive safely? In a beer ad, "Drink Responsibly", or some other version of it, is enough. They don't add, "Always take a taxi or have a friend drive you home. Always be sure to look both ways while crossing the street and never handle a gun while intoxicated." And they do it for good reason. People understand what you're getting at.

Here's a screen capture of something I think is also unnecessary but in a comical way. I saw the Nissan ad while watching a show on NBC.com called 'Chuck'. The store Chuck works at is called 'Buy More'.

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