Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WSJ Creative Leaders Contest

The Contest
The Wall Street Journal is re-launching the Creative Leaders Campaign with their Weekend Edition, but now they want you to choose the creative leader. Like the ads before, the nominee must have some connection or relation to the advertising or marketing industry.

The nominee is also required to complete and sign a consent release. You need to pose a series of questions, enter the nominee's answers, and upload a photograph of the nominee. All of this information is on the Contest Webpage. Basically, it will be the same template as the ads that have run in the Wall Street Journal for over 25 years.

But this is better for you. The winner will receive a trip to New York City to the Museum of Modern Art for the new Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition Creative Leader unveiling event on July 17th. The trip includes a two-night stay in a New York City hotel for you and the winning nominee, in-ground transportation to and from the airport, your hotel, and the MOMA. (APR: $3,500)

Hurry though. The contest ends at midnight (EST) on June 23, 2007. Best of luck to you!

(via Shedwa)

The contest began on May 14, 2007, but the Web site is not yet fully complete; the gallery is coming soon, and two creative leaders are also coming soon. On the home page, there are pictures compiled to look like the silhouette of a human. When you scroll over each picture, it reads who that creative leader is. I wish that once clicked, it would take me to information about that person, but it does not. Or perhaps if the pictures turned into the specific creative leader's form, and then his or her picture was shown, complete with more information. The site does give a date and small bio on past creative leaders. I'm not exactly sure if the date is when the company was founded or if it is saying when the ad ran. There is a recent ad of Alex Bogusky in dirtbike attire that you can see as a PDF.

The Advertising Education Foundation has all of the past ads, written by Doug and Jim Johnston, for the Wall Street Journal Creative Leaders Campaign, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

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Daniel said...

My vote is for Jay Jaber, President and COO of High Definition Napkin.

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